Why Join Scentsy?

Fabulous Scentsy incentive rewards

Steph Gardner

Why become a Scentsy Consultant?

I can’t tell you ‘your’ reason why you should become a Scentsy Consultant because your reason will be different to my reason and different again to someone else‘s reason. Everyone who starts their journey with Scentsy does it for a different reason and every reason is just as valid for them.

Why did I join? I just wanted free stuff and discounts – I’m really not kidding! I didn’t know, when I bought my starter kit, that within months I would have been promoted 5 times and earned my first incentive reward – an all inclusive trip for 2 to Tenerife! Most of all, I never dreamed that I could leave my job and earn my old wage many times over just by selling products that I loved. (And yes, don’t worry – I still get plenty of free and discounted products!)


Why You Should Join

Your reason may be that you just want a way of earning a bit of extra money for Christmas or holidays. It might be that you want to earn money in a way that works around a young family or allows you to work from home. Maybe you want to escape the rat race and be your own boss or perhaps you see an opportunity to make a great success of your business selling amazing products from an established and much loved brand?

In these times of uncertainty, the demand for Scentsy products has not only continued; it has exploded so this is a fantastic time to come on board and could offer you an additional source of income or even a full time occupation.

For many who join, the Scentsy journey can be a constantly evolving one. You may start out for the free stuff, a bit of extra cash, realise that a bit of promotion and effort can bring you a solid side hustle, maybe even make Scentsy your primary source of income and before you know it you could have a thriving business. You can go all the way to the top of you can find your level and happily stay there because nobody is here to tell you what your Scentsy experience should be.
Like I said, no targets and no pressure.


Results may not be typical. See the Income Disclosure statement provided by Scentsy.