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07th May 2020

Why do people join Scentsy as a consultant?

And how do their businesses grow?

The truth is, there is no one single answer to either of these questions. That’s because everyone’s motivations and ambitions are very different. There is room for everyone at Scentsy and that’s mainly down to there being no pressure to sell. Support, yes, tools and resources, yes, but no targets.



Just want some freebies and discounts on your favourite products?

 That’s fine. Lots of people join because of the discounts they can get on the products they’re buying anyway. Why wouldn’t you? You can join for this and stick with it if you want, but many go on to the next phase…

Want to make a bit of extra money?

Just by selling a few items to friends and family (and often they’ll want to know more about Scentsy when they see and smell your fabulous products in your home), you can start to earn a little extra cash. Maybe put it aside for holidays or Christmas or just some treats along the way. This might be enough, but it may make you see that it wouldn’t be too difficult to push it a little further…

Get your side hustle going

Once you’ve started selling things to friends and family, without really having to try too hard, it’s easy to see how you can actually start to make quite a solid side hustle, just with a little effort and some promotion. Remember, once people discover Scentsy, they tend to love it (well, don’t you?) so with a little nurturing and looking after, you can build a loyal customer base and then you can really start to see the potential. You can just leave it here, topping up your income, or maybe Scentsy could move from your side thing to your main hustle…

Work from home? In my PJs?

If you have seen results from doing some promotion on Facebook, dropping catalogues off and sending the odd email, you can start to imagine how successful it could be if you had more time to focus on it. If the only thing that’s holding you back from really flying is time, it might be time to call time on the 9-5 and make Scentsy your primary source of income. A business that you can run from home, in your PJs, with flexible hours and great potential for earning? Isn’t that the dream for many of us? It happens all the time with Scentsy. Something that started as a way to get cheap products, becomes a career path. It doesn’t even need to stop there…

Build a thriving business

So, you’re already making your living from Scentsy, paying your bills and doing nicely. That’s fantastic, and enough for many, but if you have a burning ambition to create a thriving business where there are no limits, you can do that with Scentsy as well. There is no ceiling to how much you can earn and the more successful you are, the bigger the commissions and the incentives. Build teams, create a brand and reap the rewards. It’s all possible. I know because I did it.

Start your journey for £24

That’s right, £24 if you sign up during May. I bet most of your Scentsy orders have cost more than that. So, even if you pay your £24 and get your starter kit and never proceed beyond the ‘freebie’ stage, what have you lost? You know what though: there’s a heck of a lot you could gain*.

To find out more about this joining offer, or what’s involved in being a Scentsy consultant send me a message or give me a call on 07871 320 991. I can’t wait to talk to you!

Results may not be typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure provided by Scentsy.


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