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12th February 2021

What is Scentsy Club?

Get your Scentsy goodies on subscription

Scentsy Club

If you are a Scentsy fan, then you are probably already ordering fairly regularly – to try out new scents or replace the favourites that you’ve run out of. If this is you, Scentsy Club is something that could be really great for you.

What is Scentsy Club and how does it work?

Scentsy Club is essentially a subscription service for Scentsy consumables ie the stuff that runs out including Scentsy Bars, Fragrance Flowers, Laundry products, Body products, Pods, Clean products, and Car Bars. However, it’s not a standard package at a fixed price – you choose the products you want and the frequency of your subscription (1, 2, or 3 months). You pay for whatever you’ve added to your subscription.

Why join Scentsy Club?

You may wonder why you would subscribe to Scentsy Club rather than just ordering whatever you want, when you want it. The answer is – the perks! There are a number of extra perks to being a member. These include:

  • Always Get My Bar!
    This is the perk for anyone who has ever lamented the discontinuation of a favourite Scentsy Bar (with all the gorgeous new ones that keep being released, some just have to go to the Scentsy vaults). Once you add your favourites to your subscription, Scentsy will keep making it for you – regardless of whether it’s discontinued and even if you’re the only one who wants it!
  • Discounts
    Club orders of £36 or more receive a 10% discount. Club orders of £73 or more get the 10% discount plus an additional Scentsy Club item at half price.
  • Secure limited time collections
    With Scentsy Club, limited time collections become unlimited for members. Just add them to your subscription. Not only does this mean that you can continue to get them long after they’ve disappeared for everyone else, but you can make sure you grab yours when they are released, because we all know how quickly collections sell out don’t we!
  • Flexible delivery schedules
    Choose from 3 delivery options plus you can even skip a shipment if you’re not quite ready to replenish your stocks (discontinued stock can only be skipped once in a 12-month period to be retained on Always Get My Bar).
  • Vary your products
    You can edit your subscription whenever you like, so you don’t have to get the same things each time. If you love a surprise you can add a Whiff Box or Scent of the Month to your subscription to get fabulous products that have been specially selected for the season.

Scentsy Club is fantastic for anyone who loves Scentsy and what could be better than your regular Scentsy deliveries to look forward to? Plus, of course, you can cancel any time.


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