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06th May 2021

What businesses can you start with a £24 investment?

Right now, that’s all it costs to become a Scentsy consultant!

Value Starter Kit

They say you have to speculate to accumulate and pretty much all direct sales or franchise-based businesses require an initial investment. Scentsy is no different but rather than having to stake hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of pounds you can start your business for a fraction of that. In fact, right now (and only while stocks last) you can join for just £24. I bet that’s less than the cost of your last order from Scentsy, am I right?

The Value Starter Kit makes a new venture with Scentsy accessible to absolutely anyone and even if you only expect to take the odd order from family and friends, it will take no time at all to make this investment back plus much more.

Look what you get for £24

Let’s just take a look at the actual value of the kit. It includes a mini warmer, and with that retailing at £24 on its own, you don’t have to be an accountant to work out that the kit alone is worth more than the cost. Even if you sell absolutely nothing, you won’t be out of pocket!

The content of the Value Starter Kit is as follows:

  • Scentsy Mini Warmer (exact warmer may vary)
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • 5 Spring/Summer 2021 Catalogues
  • Sample Packette Bundle (Laundry, Body, Clean and Pets)
  • 20 Fragrance Testers
  • Quick Start Guide

The purpose of the kit is to give you all the resources you need to get started. With products based on fragrance, people really want to be able to smell them for themselves and the samples in this kit enable you to do that. Now that covid restrictions are changing and we can soon mix indoors, there are so many opportunities open to you to make your Scentsy business a huge success.

Join the Scentsy family

I have been a Scentsy consultant since 2014 and I have seen people make the role everything from earning a few extra pounds for pocket money to a thriving business. I have certainly never looked back, and I LOVE running my Scentsy business. With no hard sell or targets to achieve, everyone has the flexibility to make it whatever they want to make it alongside their other commitments.

So, if you have ever thought about starting something entrepreneurial, want an extra revenue stream, or even just want a way to get discounts and freebies from Scentsy on your own purchases – there has never been a better time than now.

Order your kit or contact me

If you’re sold on the idea, you can go ahead and order your Value Starter Kit here. If you’d like more information, please contact me and I’d be happy to talk you through it. No obligations.

I am thankful every day that I joined Scentsy. I can truly say it was life changing for me, but you can make it whatever you need it to be – side hustle, new career, or anything in between!


Results may not be typical. See the Income Disclosure statement provided by Scentsy.

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