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21st October 2020

A new look!

Cosy Corner Fragrances, New Website and New Brand

I am so pleased to finally launch my new website! This has been in the making for several months now and it feels great to finally be able to show it to you.

cosy corner fragrances website rebrand
If you are a regular visitor to the website, you will know that it previously featured a shop area with all the products in the Scentsy range. You could browse every product line on my site, but you had to click through to the official Scentsy site to make a purchase (all Scentsy sales have to go through there).

I have been thinking for a while about what value this actually adds for you as a customer. It’s great that you could browse all the ranges but as soon as you added a product to your basket, it would have taken you to my area on the site and you would have continued your shopping there. As a customer, did you get any more out of being able to browse products on my site than doing the same thing on the site?

The product listings were really a duplication of the products on the site. Keeping up with adding them was quite the task – especially at catalogue and collection launch times as I’m sure you can imagine! (And Scentsy is nothing if not prolific in refreshing its ranges many times a year!).  In fact, the range is so expansive that it was quite difficult making sure everything was up to date, not just in adding new ones but in updating out of stock or discontinued products. It made me think, ‘could my time be spent creating something better for my customers?’

A New Approach

The answer to that question I felt was, without doubt, ‘yes’! I decided that instead of spending hours and hours updating products, only to duplicate what you can already do on, I could focus my efforts on giving you the benefit of my knowledge of Scentsy, of my experience of using Scentsy products, and on inspiring you with all the possibilities that Scentsy has to offer. A new approach was needed.

I decided that my website should be about offering something different to that which is available on the site. To complement rather than duplicate. While, of course, the new site offers plenty of opportunity to learn about the Scentsy range and to purchase products by clicking through to, the heart of it is a lifestyle site, centred around the blog. There I will let you know about new ranges and launches, and all the usual exciting product stuff, but I’ll also be sharing ideas and inspiration and looking at the wider benefits of fragrances and beautiful home environments. All the time I’m saving adding and removing products, I can focus on adding real value for you.

Don’t worry, I still have products on there in the form of carefully curated featured products on each category page and on the home page, which I will update regularly as collections change.

I always wanted my website to create a real sense of homeliness, of cosy comfort, and imbue a feeling of hygge. That, to me, is what Scentsy is all about – creating a fragrant, beautiful home where you can relax and feel at peace. I felt I made a good start with that with the old website but boy, I really feel like we’ve cracked it with this new site! Using a soft palette of vintage-inspired colours, sweeping brushstrokes for buttons, and a simple to navigate layout you get a real sense of Scentsy and are never more than a click or two from what you want.

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