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10th March 2019

Warmers vs. Diffusers

So what’s the difference between these two – are you a warmer lover or a diffuser lover?
The two may both produce amazing Scentsy fragrance but in reality they are as different as apples & oranges.

While warmers as the name implies gently heats & warms our fragrant wax bars, taking about 10 minutes to melt the wax, it releases the top middle & base notes at differing times meaning that you’ll catch subtle fragrance changes throughout the wax scents melting life. It starts initially with an intense scent, but as the oils within the bar dissipate over time the scent will also change and diminish, leaving you eventually with a pool of unscented liquid wax to soak up and replace.
Now with the diffuser system firstly there is no heat or wax – we use cold tap water & essential or blended oils to create fragrance.
Water is poured into the reservoir & next the oil drops are added – here you’ll find a significant difference to our wax – you can personalise your Scentsy experience by adding more or less oil depending on your own taste or mood . If you want strong intense fragrance add more drops or if you want soft & subtle fragrance add less – something you can’t do with wax bars as the fragrance content is predetermined in manufacture.

Another difference you’ll notice with the diffuser is instant fragrance – the second you switch on, the consistent scent is released, no waiting for anything to melt here.
Whereas our wax scent tones are released at different times – subtly changing the fragrance throughout it’s use , you have a solid scent from the second the diffuser is turned on till it either stops as the water runs out our you switch it off .
The two systems going head to head, there is not one better than the other – they both provide outstanding fragrancing but just in entirely different ways – so while it’s fine to have a preference, both can & do work in harmony within your home depending on your mood or indeed the room you wish to fragrance.

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