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25th June 2021

Want to spread the cost of your Scentsy purchases over 3 months?

You can now with Paypal and Klarna

Spread cost

While I do realise that this may just fuel your Scentsy obsession a little further, thanks to our partnerships with Paypal and Klarna, you can now use these payment methods to spread the cost over 3 months – interest free!

This is great for making your purchases more affordable and means that you don’t have to miss out on big product launches (have you seen the Harry Potter news?!) because it’s a bit too much in one go or you don’t have all the funds at the exact time of launch.

Now, I would still urge you to use it sensibly and spend within your means but it could just make things a little easier (and more palatable to others in your household who don’t see the full beauty of Scentsy as you do!).

How it works

With Paypal, choose this as your payment method and when you are transferred to Paypal, choose the Pay in 3 option. With Klarna, download the Klarna app and create an account. Search for where it will take you to the website within the app. Complete your shopping and then select the ‘K Pay’ button at the bottom of the screen.

You can even spread the cost of signing up as a consultant!

That’s right, it’s not just for product purchases. You can use the same payment methods to buy your starter kit which means that you could well be earning more than the 3 monthly payments and therefore never have those upfront costs to find! (Remember, results may not be typical. See the Income Disclosure statement provided by Scentsy).

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