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11th December 2020

This Christmas is it time to ditch the candles?

Candles are often a go-to gift at Christmas as most people love their homes to smell nice and they are fairly universally well received. For this reason, they are often a safe bet for secret Santa gifts or for people you don’t know as well.



However, are they really the great present they appear to be?

Candles may look nice, and you would definitely hope that they smell nice, but they do come with some quite significant downsides as well. For a start, they have a naked flame. You don’t need to be a health and safety expert to appreciate the potential danger of this. Definitely not suitable around small children and pets but even in an adult only household, there is the potential for loose fabric to come into contact or something to fall into the flame (and Christmas really is the time for lots of extras hanging on trees or stuck on walls: Christmas cards, tinsel, and paper tableware are all highly flammable).

Then there’s the issue that nobody seems to talk about: the soot that spoils the scent! You light the candle and allow it to fill your room with beautiful fragrance only to blow it out and be left with the smell of soot. In fact, candles can even produce soot while they’re burning (especially cheaper ones). Soot is basically carbon mixed with steam. Although the quantities produced from burning a candle are unlikely to cause health issues, it can mark your walls or furniture and it smells of burning, which is pretty self-defeating for a scented candle!

Isn’t it time to ditch candles and switch to an alternative?

I would, personally, never burn a candle again as I was converted to Scentsy many years ago. You may say ‘well of course she prefers Scentsy; she’s a Scentsy consultant’ and yes, that is true, but I found Scentsy first as an alternative way to fragrance my home and it was only through falling in love with it that I became a consultant (initially just to get cheaper products – see my story!).

For me, Scentsy wins against candles in every aspect. Firstly, and most importantly, no naked flames! Having been a candle fan many years ago, I now wince when I think about how dangerous candles really are (and who can forget the tragedy of Claudia Winkleman’s daughter being burned so badly at Halloween a few years ago due to a combination of floaty, nylon costume fabric and naked flames in pumpkins?). This eliminates both danger and soot smell/damage. As far as I am concerned, this one trumps all other reasons alone, but there are other qualities that put Scentsy ahead of candles too.

From an aesthetic point of view, Scentsy warmers are just so beautiful to look at and the huge range means that there’s something to suit everyone’s décor. I literally have one in every room (and several put away in cupboards so that I can rotate periodically!). What I really love is that most warmers light up which makes them just as appealing as a lamp as they are a fragrance system. This also means you don’t lose out on the pretty, illuminated qualities of a candle – you just don’t have to set fire to anything!

You can also change up the scent as often as you want. With a candle, it’s just one single fragrance until the end. With a warmer, you can change the wax as often as you like and because there are well over 100 to choose from at any one time there’s never a need to get bored. Changing the fragrance regularly allows you to get the most from your room scents as smelling the same fragrance all the time just means you end up ‘nose blind’ (where you can no longer really detect the smell because you’ve become so accustomed to it).

Scentsy also makes for a great gift. Buy someone a warmer for Christmas or a birthday and then the wax bars make fantastic stocking fillers and extras on other occasions. Once you have discovered Scentsy, getting new wax bars to try is a real treat.

I therefore think it’s time we thought of candles as the outdated danger-pots they really are and turned to something that offers a better option on every front. For me (and for millions of people around the world), that is Scentsy.

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