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01st August 2021

The Scentsy Autumn Winter Catalogue is here!

You don’t need to be ready for summer to end to appreciate these gorgeous new season Scentsy products!

I’m so excited to tell you about the new Scentsy Autumn Winter catalogue and all the fabulous new products we now have available to buy straight away (no waiting for these beauties!). Yes, I know it’s still very much summer but we always like to be ahead of the curve at Scentsy and our Autumn Winter Catalogue is out now. Of course it features plenty of cosy autumn fragrances and winter warmers but there are plenty of lovely things that would smell and look good at any time of year. You can browse the whole range here on the website or via the flip catalogue but I have put together some of my personal highlights that I think you will love too:

Experience the magic of the Northern Lights with the new Polar Panorama warmer

Polar Panorama Scentsy warmer

You may remember the Holiday Hearth warmer; our Christmas limited edition warmer a couple of years ago? It featured a realistic, flickering flame in the fireplace that made it really magical. The same technology has been used to create this amazing warmer that recreates the natural phenomenon of the aurora borealis behind a foreground of Scandinavian forest. It’s truly one of the most mesmerising warmers I’ve ever seen and you have to watch the video to really appreciate the effect.


The Polar Panorama Warmer is £79.00 – BUY HERE

Nordic charm with Gather

Gather Warmer

The Gather Warmer is also Scandi in feel but quite different to Polar Panorama. This is pure Hygge with folk art inspired embossed pattern on a quirky home shaped warmer. The ‘Gather’ message simply says ‘this is where we belong’

The Gather Warmer is priced at £67.00 – BUY HERE

Hollywood-era glamour with the Glisten Warmer

Glisten Scentsy Warmer

From charming kitsch to something altogether more glamorous. Glisten, to me, feels like a more grown up, sophisticated version of our hugely popular Glitter mini warmers. I love the way it graduates from silver at the bottom up to the warm, soft glow of light at the top and the little feet on the base are a subtle touch of high end finish. A really good price as well for something that looks so classy.

Glisten is priced at £48.00 – BUY HERE.

Deco design with the Flaunt Your Feathers Warmer

Flaunt Your Feathers Scentsy Warmer

Now this is something very different. This Art Deco-inspired warmer features hand-placed mosaic glass and pops with peacock shades. I know this one won’t be to everyone’s tastes but I love it – especially the pattern it casts all around it when illuminated.

Flaunt Your Feathers is priced at £67.00 – BUY HERE

Nature-inspired Rock Quarry Warmer

Being fabricated from handmade glass, no two Rock Quarry Warmers are exactly the same. To me, Rock Quarry stands out because it’s as beautiful when off as it is when on, with its subtle hues of soft pinks and creams. I could see this in any room, regardless of how modern or traditional the decor. Just a lovely piece (could actually see two working well as bedside lamps).

Rock Quarry is priced at £67.00 – BUY HERE

New Fragrances

Obviously, it’s not just about warmers – a new Scentsy release would not be complete with gorgeous new fragrance. Naturally, with it being an Autumn/Winter catalogue, we have some beautiful, cosy new season scents including Spice Cake (a heavenly slice of spice cake baked with cinnamon and ginger), Cashmere & Corduroy (wrap yourself up in the cosiness of creamy vanilla, Sicilian bergamot and cashmere sandalwood), and Tinsel Berry (strawberry and cranberry dipped in cinnamon and sweet sugar for a little extra sparkle) but we also have some heavenly fragrances that can slide straight into your mid summer warmers – Enchanted Woods (luminous amber and hints of creamy coconut meander through a mystical forest of sandalwood and birch wood), Scarlet Sunflower (juicy apple and a hint of red cranberry are brightened by a scarlet sunflower turning to face the sun), and Cheerful Celebration (a bright and bubbly jubilee of sparkling lemon, juicy pineapple and tart raspberry). We also have some treasured seasonal favourites being brought back from the vaults.

Wax bars are priced at £7.25 – BUY HERE

Any Disney fans out there?

Mickey and Minnie Scentsy wall fan diffuser

Our continued collaboration with Disney brings new Mickey and Minnie Fan Diffusers (you may remember the Disney Princess and Marvel’s Spider-Man incarnations released earlier this year). These work with our Scentsy Pods rather than wax bars so are perfect for children’s bedrooms. We also have new Scent Circles in Mickey’s Oh Boy and Totally Minnie fragrances which are lovely for scenting drawers and cupboards.

The Mickey and Minnie Wall Fan Diffusers are priced at £42.00 each

Introducing the new Scentsy Air Purifier

Scentsy Air Purifier

I’ve covered this in more detail on the blog already (see here) but this is VERY exciting and a brand new kind of product to Scentsy. While we have always considered ourselves experts at scenting the air, we have turned our hand to actually cleaning it too! Our new Air Purifier works in the same way that many premium air purifiers on the market do (drawing in air through a filter, removing air particles and pollutants, and then passing the clean air back into the atmosphere until all the dirty air is replaced with clean, fresh air). The difference with ours is that we also pass it through a Scentsy Pod, dispersing beautiful fragrance into the air as well.

Given how much we all understand the importance of clean air and hygiene now, I think this is an amazing product and very different to anything else out there.

The Scentsy Air Purifier is priced at £303.00 – BUY HERE

Browse the full Scentsy Autumn Winter Catalogue

Scentsy Autumn Winter 2021 Catalogue

Obviously, this is just a taster of the whole Scentsy Autumn Winter Catalogue so please go and have a look through to see what takes your fancy. You can browse everything on the website or you can flick through the catalogue here.

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