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17th May 2021

The number one thing that people notice about your home?: The smell

What first impression does your home make?

Home fragrance

Today, due to covid regulations changing, we can finally welcome people into our homes again. They can even stay overnight. Even the previously most hospitable of us will be a bit out of practice and, for some, there may even be some social anxiety about having people over after all this time.

One of the things that may concern some is what people may think about our homes. Maybe you have spent lockdown decorating and renovating and can’t wait for guests to come round, or perhaps you’re more worried about getting everything presentable after a long period of it not really mattering whether you kept up with the dusting or removed your bra in the living room and left it on the sofa!

Before you try to become Mrs Hinch, do you know what the first thing is that people notice when they walk into your home? It’s not the bra on the sofa, or the dust on the skirting boards; it’s how it smells. Research suggests that people make a snap judgement on our homes within 38 seconds of walking in and whatever they notice first tends to form much of their lasting impression.

According to a survey, here are the top 10 things that people usually notice, in order:

  1. The smell
  2. The temperature
  3. Whether it’s been vacuumed
  4. How comfortable the furniture is
  5. Whether there are dishes in the sink
  6. How clean the windows are
  7. Your books
  8. The condition of your furniture
  9. The colour of the walls
  10. Dust

I am telling you this, not to stress you out or make you nervous of inviting people into your home after all this time but to do the opposite: give you a quick win to creating a great first impression and allow you to relax and focus on having a lovely time catching up with your friends and family.

Let Scentsy create a great first impression

You can tidy and dust all you want but if your home smells like wet dog or last night’s fish supper, that’s going to be what people notice. By simply popping a gorgeous fragrance in your Scentsy warmer, that’s one massive boost you can give to your home – without any effort at all!

Focus on your main reception rooms, which will probably be any entrance hall and your kitchen or living room. Make lovely fragrance the first thing people notice when you open your door and if you have no power sockets for a warmer in the entrance hall, how about a beautiful fragrance flower? They are great for bathrooms as well as guests will almost certainly need to visit there at some point.

You can use fragrance to create a different ambience in each room. In the entrance hall, how about something delicate and floral that says ‘welcome’, while something a little more fruity or zingy in the living room to keep people alert and chatty. The bathroom could be something fresh and clean and, if your guests are staying overnight, something soothing and calming in their room waiting for them when they go to bed would be a great way to end the day.

Full disclosure: you are probably going to have to do a bit of tidying round but using fragrance in this way will really maximise your efforts and while I’m not suggesting for a minute that our friends and family would judge us on a few specks of dust anyway, we can be confident that the first, sub-conscious impression will be a lovely one.

So, flick the vacuum round quickly, turn the warmers on, pop in a cube or two of wax and make the most of having the people you love the most back in your home and enjoy catching up.



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