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01st August 2020

The new Autumn/Winter Catalogue is out!

Start dreaming about cosy nights in and your home filled with autumnal fragrance

Yes, yes I know it’s still summer and we’ve had the strangest spring on record but here at Scentsy we are looking forward with optimism and, without wishing the summer away, we’re already thinking about the changing of the season and all that autumn brings.

That’s because our new Autumn/Winter catalogue is out today!

And you know what that means don’t you! Yes, new warmers, new fragrances, new Scentsy Buddies, and the return of some old favourites. There are some amazing products which I know you’re going to love.

There are lots of new things to tell you about, and I’ll be showcasing plenty over the next few days and weeks but here are the ones that have really caught my eye.

Glimmer & Glow Lantern

How flipping gorgeous is this! An antique bronze effect fireside lantern filled with a soft, glowing string of fairy lights. Really different to anything Scentsy has done before and absolutely beautiful. The Glimmer & Glow warmer would look amazing anywhere in the home but I could definitely see it next to a roaring fire or log burner, casting its glow into the room.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

We’re all familiar with Himalayan salt lamps, which are said to have therapeutic properties due to the negative ions that they emit. Negative ions are naturally present after storms, where water collides (such as waterfalls) and in ultraviolet rays from the sun, and they are attributed with making the air seem fresher and clearer and their ability to uplift mood.  Himalayan salt lamps also emit a soft, pink glow. The only thing that could possibly make them even better is the addition of fragrance. Well, Scentsy has thought of that and created a Himalayan Salt Lamp warmer. Perfect for melting some wonderful, uplifting scent like the new Iced Citrus or Pepperberry Sage.

Glitter Mini Warmers

Glitter Rose Gold Mini Warmer
Glitter Silver Mini Warmer
Dare to Dream Mini Warmer

Glitter is definitely a strong theme in this collection with the Glitter Rose Gold and Glitter Silver mini warmers plus the beautiful Dare to Dream mini warmer, which is our new Make a Wish product, with £7.50 from each sale going to this very worthy charity.

Shiny Metallics

Wire you Blushing
Wire You Blushing? Mini Warmer
Crush – Diamond Warmer

Another standout feature is metallic, with the rose gold wire embellishment of the new Wire You Blushing? mini warmer and the gorgeous reflective properties of Crush – Diamond.

New Season Fragrances

Autumn Road Trip
Just Fir You
Twilight Frost

As you would expect, we have some beautiful warm, comforting seasonal fragrances in the new collection. New scents include Autumn Road Trip – crisp harvest apples, just-picked Anjou pear and a forest of towering silver oak, Just Fir You – wild blackberry with fir balsam and pine needles, and Twilight Frost – orange blossom and wild lavender deepened by a bed of twilight moss. Plus of course we have the return of our festive Chr….. no I’m not going to say it yet…. seasonal scents including Silver Bells, Cosy Fireside and Snowberry. (It’s never too early!).

Plus lots more!

I feel like I’ve covered so much already but there are lots more including super-cute new Scentsy Kids products, new laundry and body products and the very welcome return of the fabulous Winnie the Pooh warmer (one of my personal favourites).

It’s all available now so why not browse the full range now on the website or in the catalogue and see for yourself? Keep checking the site for more news and reviews of the range.

Browse the catalogue here

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