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22nd September 2020

The Holiday Collection is Coming!

Christmas products launch 1st October

People tend to be equally divided into those who don’t want to even think about Christmas until Bonfire Night has passed and those who would willingly put their tree up once the kids have gone back to school! Whichever camp you fall into, when it comes to Scentsy you do have to be very pragmatic because there are two constants regarding our Holiday Collections: 1) The products are always fabulous, and 2) They sell out FAST! And I mean really fast, within minutes for some of them!

This has always been the case but given the huge increase in demand for Scentsy during the Covid pandemic (I guess people want their homes to be lovely more than ever now), I am anticipating that these products will be super popular this year.

That means you need to plan if you think you need some Scentsy in your life this Christmas! The Holiday Collection launches on 1st October which is coming up really soon so even if you don’t switch your festive head on until the last firework has cracked, you will need to make an exception and get organised!

Let me show you why…

While Scentsy make amazing products for all of the seasons and occasions of the year, it may as well have been created for Christmas. The holiday season is all about wonderful Christmassy scents and beautiful home décor and magical lights, err hello that is Scentsy right there in a (Christmas) nutshell! Nobody does Christmas like Scentsy. Once again, the Holiday Collection does not disappoint. I really love it all but let me take you through some of the highlights that I know you will love too.

Be Jolly Warmer

Just look at this gorgeous, cheeky Santa! Nestle your wax cubes under his hat and allow him to fragrance your room with a festive scent.

The Be Jolly Warmer is priced at £55.00.

Deck the Halls Warmer

Seasonal yet understated, this Mason jar lantern warmer features a festive greeting and a sprig of holly. Its glow will add Christmas cheer to any room.

The Deck the Halls Warmer is priced at £61.00.

Gnome for the Holidays Warmer

This cheeky chap makes a return this year due to his huge popularity last year. Simple yet full of character.

The Gnome for the Holidays Warmer is priced at £42.00.

Crystallize Blue Warmer

You could display this icy centrepiece all winter with its sparkling snowflake design set against a wintry blue.

The Crystallize Blue Warmer is priced at £61.00

Wall Fan Diffuser with Snowflake Light – Spin

Now, what could take a Scentsy holiday piece to next level Christmas? A snowflake light show, that’s what! We’ve taken the Spin Wall Fan Diffuser and Christmas pimped it up by adding snowflake illumination. Perfect as a night light for the little ones, great for parties, and a gorgeous complement to your tree and other festive lights – dusk won’t come quick enough!

The Wall Fan Diffuser with Snowflake Light is priced at £36.00.

12 Days of Scentsy Calendar

A little taster of the whole Scentsy range. The Scentsy Advent Calendar is back again and it’s no wonder this is always really popular. It contains 8 wax cups in new autumn/winter fragrances as well as Body and Laundry samples. A treat every day for 12 days!

12 Days of Scentsy Calendar is priced at £36.00.

New Fragrances

Of course, what would a Holiday Collection be without some gorgeous new seasonal fragrances! The Let It Snow 3-bar collection includes 3 new scents – Berry Blessed, Feelin’ Pine, and Happy Holly Days (£20.75) and if you love your oil diffuser the Holiday Oil 3-pack features Holiday Shortbread, Fig Cookie, and Peppermint Everything scents (£22.00). We also have new fragrances for our beautiful Fragrance Flowers – Christmas Cottage and Very Snowy Spruce (£19.50 each). Perfect for hallways and bathrooms where you may not have power outlets. Winterberry Apple Tea returns and is available in Scentsy Soak (£14.50) and Sugar Scrub (£14.50) Body products and new Perfect Peppermint is featured in our seasonal Clean Bundle (£24.00) and Sugar Scrub (£14.50).

For the Kids

Naturally, Scentsy could not overlook the little ones at this special time of year and this collection brings a new Kids product, the Scentsy Bitty Buddies – gorgeous squishy balls of fragrance in super cute characters (£12.00 each). And what Disney fan could fail to love our very merry Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Buddy Clips? (£22.00).

Now, I think I may have mentioned that these products WILL SELL FAST – don’t say I didn’t warn you! If you do want anything from the Holiday Collection, be ready on the 1st October. Keep checking the link below on the 1st.

Shop the Holiday Collection

UPDATE: Due to shipping delays and availability issues, some parts of the Holiday Collection, including Scentsy Calendars, Mickey and Minnie Buddy Clips, and Bitty Buddies will now launch on 16th November 2020.


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