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11th June 2020

The Child from the Mandalorian is coming to Scentsy!

The Child Mandalorian

The Star Wars franchise has been inspiring fans since the release of the first film in the 1970s to the latest blockbuster, The Mandalorian, released just last year. That means it has huge appeal to both adults and children alike. If you are one of those fans, or know one, you are going to love the forthcoming Scentsy Star Wars collaboration as we immortalise the latest fan favourite character, The Child from The Mandalorian.

The Child is the latest Scentsy Buddy, and while our Buddies are officially designed for children, I think quite a few adults will be wanting one of these! Also known by fans as ‘Baby Yoda’, The Child is the adorable star of The Mandalorian and I would challenge even those who have never seen the film not to fall in love with this super-cute character.

The Child Scentsy Buddy is priced at £55.00 and will be available to buy on 18th June. As well as the Scentsy Buddy, The Child has his own specially developed fragrance, The Mandalorian: Air of Adventure. This is available as a wax bar and a Scent Pak (the Buddy comes complete with a Scent Pak). The Air of Adventure fragrance is silver mint surrounding crisp bergamot and earthy-sweet geranium, while a touch of eucalyptus and bright orange zest hint at the adventures ahead.

How can you get The Child?

The Child will be available on my Scentsy website on Thursday 18th June between 6.30pm – 7.30pm. The deadline for pre-orders has now passed so if you haven’t done that, the only way you can get one will be to order from the site on the 18th. Knowing how popular Scentsy Limited Edition releases and Star Wars merch each are in their own right, I can pretty much guarantee that this is going to sell very quickly indeed so you really need to be sat ready at 6.30pm on the 18th if you want to bring The Child home! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Child Scentsy Buddy is £55.00

The Mandalorian: Air of Adventure wax bar is £8.00 (this is available now – order here)

The Mandalorian: Air of Adventure Scent Pak is £9.25

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