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18th October 2021

The Caped Crusader has answered the Bat-Signal!

The Batman Warmer is coming on 18th October

The Batman Warmer

The Batman is the first Scentsy DC Comics warmer and where better to start than with this iconic character? The Caped Crusader perches in the shadows beneath the bright city lights of Gotham City. The Batman emblem features in the warming dish and we also have a new DC fragrance – DC Justice League: Bergamot and sandalwood unite with vanilla and watery greens for a heroic outcome that’s bold and brave.

The Batman Warmer is priced at £85.00 and DC Justice League Scentsy Bar is £8.00.

The Batman Scentsy warmer will be available on Monday 18th October from 7pm. It will be a busy launch night as The Holiday Collection, Disney’s Haunted Mansion, and Looney Tunes’ Sylvester Scentsy Buddy and Tweety Pie Buddy Clip will also make their debut, so plenty of great products to log on for!

SHOP THE BATMAN WARMER (from 7pm 18/10/21)


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