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21st May 2021

Summertime, and the sniffing is easy!

The Summer Collection is nearly here

Summer Collection 2021

The weather may be telling a different story but trust me when I say that summer is coming. OK, I can’t promise you sunshine and that this incessant rain will stop but I can promise you gorgeous new summer fragrances, beautiful new warmers, super-cute Buddy Clips, scented wearables, and new Body, Laundry, and Clean products.

The Collection is coming on Monday 24th May at 7pm. You can see the whole Collection in this fabulous flip book but here are some of the highlights of the range:

New Warmers

There are not one, not two, but three gorgeous new warmers in the Summer Collection. Firstly, a new teal colourway in our growing range of Glitter Mini Warmers, then the serene Mandala Mason Jar, and finally the subtle Pink Palm Warmer with pretty feathers etched into the glass.

New Fragrances

A Scentsy collection would not be complete without new fragrance would it! There are four new fragrances in the Summer Collection:

Summer Collection 2021 fragrance

Blue Agave & Melon: a sweet desert oasis lush with blue agave, honeydew melon and kiwi.

Coconut Daiquiri: a tropical blend of coconut milk, banana and vanilla cream that’s as refreshing as it is sweet.

Fiji Flower: a vivid lei delicately crafted with pink plumeria and pear blossom wraps around an air of apple.

Mandarin & Mango Nectar: a medley of juicy mandarin, mango nectar and peach puree blend into an intoxicatingly fruity fusion.

The new fragrances are available across the range in Wax Bars, Scentsy Pods, Scents Circles, and Fragrance Flowers


Buddy Clips

I just love these super-cute Buddy Clips, which come as a 3-pack. Queen the Pineapple is scented with Pina Colada Cha Cha, Juicy the Berry comes in Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Lula the Avocado is scented with the ever popular Sea Salt & Avocado fragrance. £54.75 for the set of 3.

Summer Buddy Clips Collection

NEW Scented Bracelets

Brand new product that is so ingenious I can’t believe we’ve never done it before! Scented friendship-style bracelets. I really think these will be a hit with everyone from young girls, to teens, to adults! These would make lovely gifts and come in the new Coconut Daiquiri and Blue Agave & Melon fragrances. £14.50 each.

Scented bracelets

Loads of other goodies

We also have a lovely new Laundry Bundle in Fiji Flower, a Mandarin & Mango Nectar Clean Bundle, a Beach Mode oil 3-pack, and gorgeous new Body products so you can pamper yourself.

The range launches on Monday and you can either shop on the site or message me if you’d like to pre-order anything.


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