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03rd December 2019

Introducing the new Scentsy Star Wars Collection

New Star Wars warmer, buddy and buddy clip coming 9th December

Star Wars Scentsy Collection

If you’ve been looking for Star Wars merch in Alderon places, don’t worry; these are the Star Wars products you’ve been looking for! The Scentsy Star Wars Collection is coming on 9th December. These brand new products are inspired by the forthcoming final episode in the Star Wars Skywalker saga.

Firstly we have the Millennium Falcon Warmer. This features so many references that fans will love from the Millennium Falcon itself, to the epic light sabre battle between Luke and Vader and even Han Solo frozen in carbonite on the warming plate, this is a real collectors’ item for any avid fan. The Millennium Falcon Warmer is priced at £79.00.

What Star Wars collection would be complete without 2 of its most beloved characters? Chewbacca and C-3PO are both fan favourites and they stake their place in this collection as a Scentsy Buddy and Scentsy Buddy Clip respectively. The Chewwie Scentsy Buddy is £48 including a Light Side of the Force Scentsy Pak and C-3PO can only be bought in a bundle with Chewbacca for £67.00.

Chewbacca C-3PO Scentsy Bundle

Plus of course we have new Star Wars-inspired fragrances – the Dark Side and the Light Side. Each have their own distinct fragrance plus, if you want to dabble with both, you can create an entirely new scent by melting both waxes together. Light Side is available as both wax bar and Scentsy Pak and Dark side is available as a wax bar.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon and wax bars

Not to be outdone by the resistance, Darth Vader is also making a comeback with the Darth Vader warmer available once again at £85. The Bring the Balance bundle includes the Millennium Falcon warmer, Darth Vader warmer, Chewbacca Scentsy Buddy, Light Side Scentsy Pak, C-3PO Buddy Clip, one Light Side wax bar and one Dark Side wax bar for £152.

Darth Vader warmer

Pre-order for 9th December

The Star Wars Collection is being released on 9th December at around 5.30pm. If you want any item in this collection I strongly recommend that you pre-order it as this going to be hugely popular, as all our licensed products and limited editions are. You can do that here. Deadline for pre-orders is 6pm 8th December 2019.

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