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26th January 2021

Spring/Summer Preview

A sneak peak at some of the new products coming on 1st February!

Spring Summer 2021 Scentsy Warmers

There may still be snow on the ground outside, but we are ready for spring here at Scentsy! That’s right, the new Spring/Summer 2021 catalogue is about to land on 1st February and there are some amazing new products coming that I just know you’re going to love.

Here is my preview of some of the highlights of the new range and you don’t have long to wait as these products will be available to buy from Monday.

Simply Blessed Warmer – £61.00

Simply Blessed Scentsy warmer

In a year where we’ve all suffered so much and yet also started to appreciate what is truly valuable, this warmer really seems to evoke that sentiment. A soft, shimmering, violet glass jar with the message ‘Simply Blessed’ in a handwritten font, this warmer is not only perfect for this time but £9.50 from each sale goes to charitable organisations in the UK. I would say that was a win win.

Poised Warmer – £55.00

Poised Scentsy Warmer

I love the geometric pattern on this warmer, which is created in diamonds sandblasted onto the surface. What looks quite simple and understated when off is suddenly transformed when on, with pin pricks of light at the top, gradually revealing larger areas of the design at the bottom to stunning effect.

Letterboard Warmer – £61.00

Letterboard Scentsy warmer

Let this warmer do the talking for you! The letterboard profile on the front can communicate whatever you’re feeling that day. Just use the 170 characters that come with it to personalise the warmer with your own message – change it as often as you want to.

Bubbled – Blue Ombre – £61.00

Bubbled - Blue Ombre Warmer

Following on from the popularity of our Bubbled – Ultraviolet warmer, this blue ombre version is just as pretty and, to me, conjures up feelings of the ocean.

Over the Rainbow Warmer – £67.00

Over the Rainbow Scentsy Warmer

Couldn’t we all do with some colour in our lives at the moment? Beautiful multi-coloured glass mosaic tiles create a stunning, joyful effect when illuminated.

Aloe Vera Warmer – £55.00, and Suc-cute-lent Warmer – £67.00

These nature-inspired warmers could nestle right in amongst your plants – or give the illusion that you’re more green-fingered than you actually are! They also have zen-like peaceful qualities.

Tie Dye Mini Warmer – £24.00 (wall plug) or £36.00 (tabletop base)

Tie Dye Scentsy Warmer

I love the ‘70s vibe on this mini warmer adorned with tie dye pattern. Long favoured by students and hippies, tie dye is enjoying yet another revival!

Fabulous Feathers Warmer – £61.00

Fabulous Feathers Scentsy Warmer

This warmer brings some really glamour, combining soft blush pink with rose gold and a delicate feather design. Beautiful when on or off.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Warmers – £61.00 each

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Scentsy Warmers

We have a number of new Disney products coming in this range, but I just love the simplicity of these Mickey and Minnie warmers. Gorgeous for a child – or just for any Disney fan to be honest!

New Fragrances

As well as all the gorgeous warmers, we have some lovely spring and summer fragrances in this new collection. The following have really caught my eye:

Spring Summer 2021 wax bars

Coastal Sunset: Creamy coconut and sandalwood set the scene for warm amethyst amber.

Green Tea and Jasmine: Delicate jasmine and sweet pea strike a tranquil balance with freshly brewed green tea. (Perfect for the Suc-cute-lent warmer?)

Island Hopping: Fresh salty air, marine water and beach wood call upon you to set out and explore.

Vanilla Waves: Sea salt and whipped vanilla crash into sticky caramel for an elegant fusion of opposites.

All Scentsy Bars are £7.25 each but of course can be bought as a 3-bar (£18.67) or 5-bar (£32.63) bundle to secure you a bit of discount.

I really can’t wait to see and sniff these new products (plus lots more) in the flesh next week. Come back on Monday 1st to see the full range!

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