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21st June 2021

Scentsy is partnering with Warner Bros!

New collaboration with Harry Potter, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck global brand

Warner Bros

That’s right; you already know about our amazing partnership with Disney, Disney Pixar, and Marvel that has created amazing products such as the R2D2 Star Wars Warmer, Spider Man Wall Fan Diffuser, Monsters Inc Scentsy Buddies, and the forthcoming Beauty and the Beast and Cars Warmers. Well, we have more exciting news: we have a brand new partnership and it’s going to be epic: Warner Bros!

Yes, the studio that has brought you Harry Potter, Friends, Looney Tunes and DC Comics, as well as many more, has licensed its characters to us to create some amazing Scentsy products.

What can you expect?

We don’t actually know yet but we can only dream about the amazing Scentsy Buddies and warmers that will be coming our way. I’m personally keeping everything crossed for a Dobby Scentsy Buddy – how gorgeous would that be! But there have been no announcements yet so watch this space.

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