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17th December 2020

Scentsy Bars: FAQs

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about our wax bar fragrances

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If you are new to Scentsy (where have you been?!) or have used Scentsy for a while but don’t really know much about the wax bars you’re warming, here is a really good guide that tells you everything you could possibly want to know!

What is a Scentsy wax bar?

A Scentsy bar is a block of fragranced wax and the vehicle that we use to disperse fragrance via our warmers. It is made from a high-quality paraffin wax blend and fragrance oils. Consisting of 8 break apart sections, the shape of the bar is inspired by our Classic Curve warmer: one of our first ever warmers and still in our collection now!

How does a Scentsy bar work?

Our bars work by melting at a very low melting point in our warmers. Once melted, the fragrance is released without naked flame, soot, or smoke. This is why they represent such a good alternative to candles.

How long does the fragrance last?

Different factors will influence this, including environmental factors such as ambient temperature, and the fragrance notes in each particular bar. That said, Scentsy bars are designed to deliver long-lasting scent: up to 60 hours in fact.

Why can I no longer smell my fragrance?

Can’t smell your wax anymore? You may think that this means that all the fragrance has been used, however it could just be olfactive fatigue! This is where you become desensitised to a fragrance because you have been smelling it for too long. People often also use the term ‘nose blind’! It’s very similar to not being able to detect perfume on yourself after an hour or so (but other people still can), or a teenager no longer being able to smell the dirty socks in the corner of their bedroom! (Parents; I know you sympathise with this one!). You will usually find that other people who visit will be able to detect the scent when you can’t, or you may pick it up when returning to the house having been out for a while.

The answer to this is to turn the warmer off for a while and have a break. While our warmers are very safe to leave on continuously, becoming too accustomed to the fragrance is much more likely to happen if you do. Plus, you’ll go through wax bars much faster. If you have another warmer in the room, try using a different fragrance – ideally one that has a very different scent so your olfactory sense will really notice it! You could also just swap the wax out and change for a new one.

Of course, they will expire eventually so if nobody can smell it, it will be time to switch it up.

What is the difference between Scentsy bars and other wax melts?

We obviously can’t speak for other wax melts, but we can confidently say that our wax bars are made from high quality ingredients which make their fragrances both authentic (nothing worse than an artificial, cheap scent) and long-lasting. Our bars are all manufactured in the USA under very strict quality guidelines and we just don’t think that many can match that; especially those made in kitchens by individuals. We admire entrepreneurial spirit and other wax melts have a valid place on the market too. Many will be cheaper than ours, but you do get what you pay for and as ours are likely to be much longer lasting, the cost often works out the same.

Can you use Scentsy wax bars in non-Scentsy warmers and vice versa?

We would really not recommend it. Our wax bars and warmers are designed as a perfect partnership: we use low-watt bulbs or heating elements which complements the low melting point of our waxes. This ensures maximum fragrance output and long-lasting scent. Compromise either element and you will find that the results just aren’t the same.

How do you change the wax?

Changing the wax is really easy. Just allow it to melt in your warmer and then place a little cotton wool in the warming plate. It will soak up the liquid wax and you can just give it a wipe and add your next cube in. This is a much better method than stabbing at it with a knife (which can damage the plate) or picking the warming plate up and pouring it out (big risk of warm wax spillage).

Can you add a fresh cube to an old one?

You could but you would be compromising the fragrance of the new one by diluting it with an old one whose fragrance is part or even fully used up. It’s a better idea to just change it for a fresh one.

Can you mix fragrances?

Yes, you can! While we like to think we are fragrance experts and pretty good at coming up with perfectly balanced scents, you can always try your hand at a ‘fragrance cocktail’ by melting two different cubes together. Some will work well, and some may not but you could even develop a bespoke scent tailored to you!

Do Scentsy bars contain allergens?

Scentsy bars contain no nut or mineral oils, Bisphenol A (BPA), gluten, lead, egg, or formaldehyde.

Hopefully, that answers all your questions about Scentsy bars. If not, then please get in touch with me and I’d be delighted to answer any queries that you have about wax bars or anything else Scentsy related!


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