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11th January 2021

Scent to help you sleep

Catching Zzzs

Sleep really is the cornerstone to good health. It allows our bodies to rest and heal, to process our thoughts, and to recharge our batteries to face the next day. For many, however, sleep can be elusive and getting less than the recommended 8 hours a night can leave us fatigued, irritable, and even anxious and depressed.

Fragrance has been proven to have a really positive effect on sleep with key ingredients such as lavender and jasmine being used in natural remedies for centuries. In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to get good quality sleep to help us navigate the covid crisis and yet, for many, harder to achieve. Scentsy has therefore harnessed its expertise in fragrance to create the Catching Zzzs Wax Collection: 5 soothing scents to help you drift off, plus a sleep mask to seal the deal.

The 5 wax bar fragrances are:

Lights Out: Night falls gently over relaxing sandalwood, sweet vanilla and warm amber.

Pillow Time: Blue tansy is tucked in with silk blossom and calming passionflower.

Shut-eye: Fuzzy peach, jasmine and a touch of cedar harmonise on a fragrant lullaby.

Sleep Happy: Drift off to dreamland, where delicate violet and bergamot rest on musk clouds.

Snuggle Up: Settle down in cashmere woods, curled up with angel lavender and soothing sage.

The Catching Zzzs Wax Bar Collection will be released today (11th January 2021) at 7pm. The collection is priced at £34.00 or they can be bought individually for £7.25 each. The sleep mask is only available as part of the collection.

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