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08th October 2021

Rocket & Groot are back, but different!

Guardians of the Galaxy favourites have switched sizes

Guardians of the Galaxy Buddies

Are you a Guardians of the Galaxy fan who looked at our Groot Buddy Clip and thought “he’s lovely but I just wish he was bigger”? Or maybe you loved the Rocket Scentsy Buddy and wished he was smaller so you could take him everywhere? Well, you are in luck! Rocket and Groot are both back but they’ve had a switch around – Rocket returns as a Scentsy Buddy Clip and Groot manifests full leafy, cuddly glory as a Scentsy Buddy. Both are scented with Marvel: Nine Realms fragrance.


Groot Scentsy Buddy with Marvel: Nine Realms Scent Pak is £42.00

Rocket Buddy Clip is £24.00

Groot & Rocket All-in-one bundle (including Groot, Rocket, and 2 Marvel: Nine Realms Scentsy Bars is £70.00


Groot and Rocket return on Monday 11th October at 7pm. Order direct from the website or contact me to pre-order.

SHOP ROCKET AND GROOT (from 7pm 11/10/21)


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