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25th August 2021

Ready to proceed directly to autumn?

Bringing a ‘next-season’ vibe to your home

Autumn leaves

Far be it from me to wish time away but if the weather’s happy to pretend to be autumn, I am happy to be done with expecting better of summer and fully embrace the next season. Autumn is my personal fave anyway so it’s a win win!

I love to dress my home for the season because it’s a great way to ring some design changes with very little effort and no decorating! We all get a little tired of seeing the same old decorative items out on display don’t we so introducing fresh vibrant colour in the spring or golden tones in the autumn is just as exciting to me as trimming up for Christmas. I really recommend it.

It’s not just about visual aspects either as scent OBVIOUSLY plays a big role (what else would you expect from a Scentsy consultant?!).

Here are my top tips for creating an autumn vibe in your home:

Hang a harvest wreath

The colours and imagery of autumn work so well in a wreath which can include golden leaves and foliage, acorns, pinecones, conkers, and tiny pumpkins in beautiful browns, oranges, russets, and yellows. I actually think they look as effective as a Christmas wreath. They don’t even need to be confined to the front door either; why not hang some indoors where they can be enjoyed by you and not just the neighbours?!

Autumn wreath

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Swap soft furnishings

I don’t mean buy a new sofa (you can’t use this as an excuse!) but you can inject an instant colour palette change just by swapping cushions, throws, and blankets to some autumn themed ones. These could be fully autumnal with leaf patterns and designs or just using colour to hint at the changing season including muted oranges, burnt ombres, soft browns, and fern greens.

Autumn textiles

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Towels and textiles

It doesn’t have to stop at cushions and throws either,; there are all sorts of textiles you can change.  Why not use autumn tea towels and oven gloves in the kitchen, cloths or place mats on the table, or towels in the bathrooms? It might just make you smile as you dry the pots?

Autumn tea towel

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Crafts and décor

The little decorative touches around someone’s home create as much of the aesthetic of the room as the colour of the walls or the choice of furniture I always think. How about changing some of the items you have on display to autumn themed ones like bowls of pinecones, nuts, and acorns, or even changing a lamp or photo frames (why not go out and create some seasonal photo opportunities like the changing colours in the local woods, or kids playing in fallen leaves?).

If you enjoy being creative, there are so many crafts you can do with autumn items, which are all out there free for the taking. Children love to get involved too and anything you make will always bring back memories of happy crafting when you get them out in subsequent years.

Autumn centrepiece

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Change your warmers

If you’re anything like me and have an addiction to Scentsy warmers, you will probably have more warmers than rooms now. This is when you need to start archiving: storing some warmers away and swapping them around throughout the year. This is great just for adding new points of interest whenever you feel like something different, but it works really well for the changing season. Many people have Christmas warmers that they get out for the festive season, and this is just the same theory. It also means I don’t feel guilty when I buy new ones (not that I ever really did!). I have several autumnal ones from over the years but my favourite seasonal ones from the current range are Shining Light, Gather, Thyme After Thyme, and Glamour Time.

Autumn scents

Of course, it’s not just about the look of your home that creates an autumn feel, scent is very much a part of it – in fact, how your home smells is the first thing people notice about it when they walk in. Even if you didn’t do any of the above, you can really add an autumnal feel through the fragrances you warm. My favourites are Autumn Hearth, Apple & Cinnamon Sticks, and new fragrances, Enchanted Woods, Cashmere & Corduroy, and Spice Cake.

Look out for the Harvest Collection

As the new season approaches, we have some really lovely new products coming, in addition to the new Autumn/Winter Catalogue we’ve recently launched, in the Harvest Collection coming on 20th September. The ones I have my eye on for my personal autumn collection are the Gilded Leaves and Everything Nice warmers and the Harvest Scentsy Bar Collection which has Cranberry Pumpkin Spice, Orchard Apple & Spice, and Toasted Acorn & Oak. They all sound amazing.

Check out my Autumn Home Décor Pinterest Board

I love Pinterest for gathering my design thoughts as well as finding inspiration, so I have created a board dedicated to transitioning your home into autumn. It has lots of visual ideas for all these items as well as links and ‘how to’ advice which I always find really useful. It’s called Autumn Home Décor and you can find it on my Pinterest profile.

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