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Authentic Scentsy Products

As much a centrepiece as a fragrance system, warmers use gentle heat to release gorgeous fragrance.

80+ to choose from: fresh or fruity, floral or spice, woods or bakery; we have scented wax bars for all.

Our range is always evolving, that’s what makes Scentsy so exciting. Shop new products here!

A brand new, unique product to Scentsy. The Scentsy Air Purifier cleans the air as well as scents it.

Scentsy Collections are curated compilations of products that complement each other perfectly.


Our wonderful collaborations with our friends at Disney, Marvel, Star Wars. Warner Bros and more.

Our on-the-go fragrance products you can take anywhere.

Scentsy Fan Diffusers use a fan, rather than heat, to disperse their gorgeous aromas.

Our luxury fragrance systems, releasing all-natural essential oils with no flames, soot or smoke.

Our Buddies, Sidekicks and Friends give children a gorgeously scented playmate to take wherever they go.

Pets can be stinky! Our pet products allow your pooch to enhance, rather than spoil the scent of your home.

Applying our fragrance expertise to body products as well as home scents!

Grab our clearance products at bargain prices before they disappear into the vault!

Cleaning AND scenting your home in one go has never been easier!

Infuse gorgeous scent into your laundry that lasts way beyond the wash.

Save by buying Scentsy in bundles!  Combinations of all products available.