Scentsy Warmers

Luxe Leaves Mini Warmer

Scentsy Warmers

Warmers are the product that Scentsy is best known for and the core product from our collection. Warmers are the way we deliver fragrance into your home but they’re so much more than that. They are decorative objéts in your home – as beautiful to look at as they are wonderful to smell.

Using gentle heat, simply place a wax cube on the wax dish and it will melt to release its aroma into the room. No naked flames in sight. Many Scentsy warmers light up, doubling as a lamp to create a wonderful glow.

Whatever your style, we have a warmer for you, whether that be cosy vintage chic, glitzy glamour, or a modern aesthetic. Our range is also constantly evolving so there is always something new to find (and love!).

Browse our standard warmers and mini warmers. Too many to choose from? Get in touch and I’ll help you find something perfect.

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