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At Scentsy, we’ve found our niche in making the air in our customers’ homes smell amazing but now we’ve gone one step further and created a single product that not only makes the air smell fresher but actually cleans it as well.

The new Scentsy Air Purifier filters 99.95% of airborne particles (pollen, dust, mould, bacteria, germs, viruses etc) from the air through a HEPA H13 Filter. It then passes cleaned air through a Scentsy Pod, releasing fragrance into the room. Thus, making the air as clean as it smells!

Able to detect when there are contaminants in the air, the unit will switch up to High mode (when on Auto setting) in order to clean it, before transitioning back down to Low.

It truly is a unique product; perfect for people with allergies or indeed anyone who wants cleaner, fresher, more fragrant air in their home.

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