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04th March 2019

New Friendships Made Here

We’ve all felt out of the loop, we’ve lost touch with friends since we’ve had kids, started work or moved to new areas.

Getting out there and mingling can be tough if our confidence has taken a knock or two. Scentsy makes taking that step so easy you won’t know you are doing it- you’ll be making new connections with people you’d never have met if it wasn’t for Scentsy. You’ll be part of a friendly team spread across all corners of the country with the same passion as you – see you’ve something in common already!!

You’ll meet people local to you who want to purchase your goodies, who in turn become friends. Before you know it you’ll have so many new friends you’ll wonder why you didn’t start it long ago.Scentsy really is like a huge family of people who genuinely care about you and we have some amazing times together.

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