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26th March 2021

Missed out on Disney’s Pua, Stitch, and Angel? You have a second chance!

Secure your favourite Moana and Lilo and Stitch characters in the second chance pre-sale

Scentsy product launches tend to sell out quickly but you have to be ninja-quick when Scentsy Disney licensed products go on sale! That was the case recently when we released Pua the Pig Scentsy Buddy from Moana, and Angel and Stitch Buddies and Stitch warmer from Lilo and Stitch. They literally went in minutes. Often with limited edition products, that’s your only chance, however if you missed out on these beloved characters this time around, you have been given another opportunity.

All these products will be coming back in the autumn but you can secure them now with a £12 deposit in the second chance pre-sale.

Pre-sale available until 1st April

The pre-sale means you don’t have to be ninja quick and locked onto your device at a specific time but there is still a limited window. The pre-sale is available until 7.59am on 1st April so if you want to secure yours, you will need to do it soon.

It is anticipated that they will be available from around the end of September 2021 and you have until 30th November to redeem your deposit.

Simply go to the website and visit the Moana or Lilo and Stitch pages to secure your beloved Disney characters.

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