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02nd July 2021

Mark every precious milestone with the new Moment by Moment Wax Collection

Scents for the significant times in your life

Moment by Moment wax collection

I have talked about the special link between scent and memory on this blog many times so imagine my reaction when Scentsy announced the new Moment by Moment Wax Collection! This 5 bar collection features specially developed fragrance for some of the main milestones in our lives: birthdays, weddings, graduations, new homes, and babies. Fragrances are inextricably linked to memories and the whiff of something can send us straight back to a particular time or place. Well, now these big occasions have a specifically developed scent!

Here are the new wax bars and their fragrances in full:

Birthday Wishes
Rainbow sugar sprinkles add a sweet surprise to comforting cake batter and whipped vanilla.

Down the Aisle
Fresh dewy greens celebrate a sweet union of watery pear and peony blossoms.

Crisp apple adds a fresh perspective to rich sueded leather and vintage musk.

Happy New Home
Bright notes of lemon blossom and mandarin settle in beneath a bright blue sky.

Welcome, Little One
Softy, billowy cotton blossoms and refreshing citrus cradle a whisper of clean musk.

I mean, they sound amazing as standalone fragrances anyway but the added element of the occasion they’re marking is something really special.


These bars can all be bought individually for the standard wax bar price of £7.25, or you can buy a 5 bar bundle for £30.00. However, the bundle does not need to be one of each; you can mix and match. Know two people who are welcoming little ones into their lives, or a few people celebrating special birthdays? Make your bundle up accordingly. Plus, there’s always someone celebrating these momentous occasions so why not stock up so you always have a really thoughtful and meaningful gift ready? I know that’s what I’ll be doing!

The Moment by Moment Collection will be available to buy from 7pm on Tuesday 6th July.


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