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26th March 2021

Life isn’t a box of chocolates; life’s a garden!

New Life’s a Garden collection coming Monday 29th March

Life's a Garden Collection

Spring is on its way, the clocks go forward this weekend, and covid restrictions are slowly being lifted. It seems there is a lot to be positive about. The new collection from Scentsy is designed to celebrate new beginnings and growth and it seems so relevant at the moment. Taking inspiration from nature, the collection features the Garden Gathering warmer, adorned with beautiful floral illustrations, and the Life’s a Garden Wax Collection, which combines the delicate scents of herbs, flowers, and fruit. Available as a collection with a linen bag and a packet of mixed basil and parsley seeds (so you can do some real growing of your own!) for £34.00, wax bars alone for £30.00, or as individual bars for £7.25 each. The Garden Gathering warmer is priced at £48.00.

The fragrances sound amazing. They are as follows:

Apple Parsley Fresh-picked parsley brings a subtle crispness to tart apple and a luscious layer of juicy pear.
Chamomile DaisyBright lemon zest warms to a tranquil, tea-inspired blend of chamomile flowers and fresh-picked daisy.
Lavender VioletA swirl of sweet spun sugar takes garden-grown lavender and violet to alluring marshmallow depths.
Pineapple MintJuicy pineapple, fresh orange and refreshing spearmint offer a crisp twist on tropical.
Strawberry BasilFresh, green basil garnishes strawberry and raspberry for a dreamy, on-the-vine vibe.

The Life’s a Garden collection will be available from 7pm on 29th March. Buy direct from the website or message me to pre-order.

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