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14th June 2019

Laundry Liquid & Washer Whiff Bundle in Driftwood Bay

Laundry liquid & washer whiff bundle in our exclusive Driftwood Bay fragrance –

Find a hideaway in layers of sea salt mist and white cyclamen scattered over sun-bleached driftwood.

Clean your clothes with our Landry liquid & washer Whiff bundle Enzyme the grime — and give laundry an extra boost of fragrance! Our Laundry Liquid features a powerful 6-enzyme formula that attacks difficult stains, while penetrating cleaning agents lift away dirt.

And just one scoop of our Washer Whiffs enlivens your clothes, linens and towels with signature Scentsy fragrance. Laundry Liquid: 591 mL (50 medium loads)

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Refresh Your Laundry Now!

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