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Steph Gardner

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If you’re browsing a Scentsy website, then presumably you love the products? Have you ever considered that instead of spending your money on fabulous Scentsy products, you could be making money from them? If you love Scentsy then you already have the key ingredient to become a successful Scentsy Consultant – trust me, I have done it and I’ve watched hundreds of other people do it and we all started by just loving the warmers and wax bars, just like you do now.

“But I’m no good at sales” – that assumption is what can hold people back but it shouldn’t because Scentsy is not like most other direct sales organisations because there are no targets and therefore no pressure. What there is, is support and a warm, welcoming community who will help you make your Scentsy business whatever you want it to be; anything from creating a bit of a side hustle to changing your life with a whole new career!


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