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11th October 2019

Jelly Belly Wax Collection Coming Soon!

Jelly Belly Scentsy Collection

If you love Scentsy and you have a sweet tooth, you’re going to love this new limited edition collection out on Monday 14th October. The Jelly Belly Wax Collection includes 5 ‘flavours’:

Sizzling Cinnamon: spicy, sweet blend of real cinnamon, orange zest and sugar cane.

Juicy Pear: jam-packed with lush Anjou pears and bright vanilla cotton candy.

Toasted Marshmallow: oozing with the buttery scent of fire-roasted vanilla, crystallised amber and hints of cedar wood.

Green Apple: a perfect fusion of tart green apples, spun sugar and candy-sweet vanilla.

Tutti-Fruitti: tantalisingly fruity, juicy citrus and subtle florals swirl with wintergreen and cloves.

All the gorgeous fragrance of your favourite sweeties without any of the calories, though you do get a bag of the real thing in with the collection in case the scent of them stirs a craving – what a lovely treat!

These are sold as a collection only and not individually and, as they are a limited edition, are bound to sell very quickly so don’t delay. They will be available on Monday 14th October but if you want to pre-order them, send me an email at steph@ and I’ll add your order to my list.

Jelly Belly Scentsy Collection

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