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09th July 2021

Introducing the new Scentsy Air Purifier

Clean the air and scent the room – it’s a win win!

Scentsy Air Purifier

Recent times have demonstrated a couple of things: a clean environment is vital to both physical and mental health, and having a beautiful, safe home is really important. At Scentsy, we are dedicated to making your home smell amazing but we’re now turning our hand to actually making the air cleaner as well. Introducing the NEW Scentsy Air Purifier which is coming on 1st August 2021.

Air is full of pollutants

There are so many pollutants in our air that we’re breathing in constantly including pollen, pet dander, dust, mould, and bacteria, which is not good for our health. Often we can’t see or smell them but they’re always there, even in the cleanest home. An air purifier works by drawing air in and passing it through a filter, which removes airborne particles. Clean air is then released into the environment. The Scentsy Air Purifier works in the same way, drawing air through a HEPA H13 filter which is capable of removing at least 99.95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. The difference is, the Scentsy Air Purifier releases the clean air through a fragranced Scentsy Pod so it both smells fresh and is fresh.

It detects when air particles are present and indicates when the air is clean.

How to buy the Scentsy Air Purifier

The Scentsy Air Purifier will be available on 1st August and is priced at £303.00. This is a similar price-point to other premium air purifiers on the market but has the added advantage of releasing fragrance as well. Plus, don’t forget, you can spread the cost over 3 months interest free if you pay using Paypal or Klarna.

I love the simplistic design which looks efficient but not utilitarian. I’d be more than happy to display this in my home and the clean air aspect is a massive benefit, especially for anyone with allergies or who just wants to breathe in fewer pollutants.


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