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19th July 2021

How to change up your Scentsy warmer

Think your Scentsy warmer is a static object? Think again – you can ring the changes with some subtle tweaks

Etched Core Scentsy Warmer

We all know that one of the greatest things about a Scentsy warmer, as opposed to candles and other home fragrance systems, is that you can change the fragrance as often as you like by changing the wax. But what about if you just fancy giving your warmer a new look?

Before you reach for the paint and glitter, I’m not talking about an upcycling project (that’s a disaster waiting to happen!), There are a few little tricks you can do to subtly alter the appearance of your warmer. Here are some of my ideas:

Add a stand

Scentsy warmers are perfectly safe to place on your furniture, but we do offer a range of stands that are designed to create a barrier between the surface and the warmer for very delicate furniture but they also raise it slightly and add a visual accent as well. A rustic looking Birchwood stand adds natural charm, while an oil-rubbed bronze finish stand (available in round or square) creates a vintage Victorian feel and a Tin stand looks quite industrial. Choose something that either complements the style of your warmer or contrasts with it to make a statement.

Swap the bulb

Warmers that have a visible bulb or cut out details in the design can look really different, just by changing to a coloured bulb. We have green and red bulbs available that would look really interesting in warmers such as Etched Core – White (shown here), Bubble – Ultraviolet, Fabulous Feathers, Marrakesh, or Light from Within.

Etched Core Scentsy Warmer

Transform a Mini to a Tabletop

If you have a wall plug Mini Warmer, you can get a ceramic or glass tabletop base which gives you much more options for location as they effectively become like a standard warmer that you can place on tables, shelves, and furniture. Shown here with the Tie Dye mini warmer.

Tie Dye Scentsy Mini Warmer


Don’t think of your warmer in isolation, consider how it relates to the décor and dressing all around it and see it as part of a wider space. Some really lend themselves to creativity, for example, the Aloe Vera Warmer can even be placed in a pot to look like a real plant!

Some are designed to be adapted

Some of our warmers have been created with flexibility and personalisation in mind. The Cast warmer comes with 3 spring-inspired inserts, giving you 4 different looks (don’t forget, you can use the warmer without any of the inserts for a gorgeous soft pink look. Plus, of course, Letterboard is the ultimate personal statement so keep changing the message, whether that be a motivational statement, a greeting for a visitor, or even a much needed reminder for someone to empty the dishwasher (because nobody ever sees it but you – am I right?!).

These subtle tweaks can just give your warmers a different feel so you can keep the look fresh as well as your fragrance. Of course, you could just be like me with a warmer obsession and have a sizeable collection of warmers stashed away to swap around – whatever works for you!

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