How it Works

I will be with you all the way

Steph Gardner

Becoming a Scentsy Consultant

So, you love Scentsy, you fancy getting paid to enthuse about Scentsy (which you already do), and you want to see if being a Scentsy Consultant is right for you? The first step is understanding how it all works.

The first thing you need to know is there are no high-pressure targets to sell. Clearly, the more you sell, the more you’ll earn but you won’t have my foot up your bum – you will be the one deciding what sales you want to make. Not that I won’t be your cheerleader. I will be with you all the way, giving you advice and ideas to help you make your Scentsy business what you want it to be.


Your Starter Kit

The first step is to buy your starter kit. This is designed to set you up with all the tools and resources you need to get up and running. Contents vary, depending on promotions and seasons (see more about the current starter kit here), but will include catalogues, samples and even warmers. Like with any business, you will need to make a small investment to cover the cost of the kit but the outlay is tiny in proportion to the earnings you can make from it, and very quickly as well. The retail value of the kit is over 3 times what you’ll pay for it. See our starter kit page to see all the details, including any news of any offers and promotions we have running at the moment.


How You Earn

You will earn a proportion of the retail cost of all products. The percentage you earn is linked to the level you’re at. You will start as a Scentsy Consultant and as you sell more, you will be promoted to the next rank. Each time, your percentage will increase.


Your Personal Website

Included in the cost of your starter kit is a personal website (PWS) for 3 months. This is your own area on the Scentsy website and any products ordered through it will be tracked to you. If you want to keep it after the first 3 months, it’s £10 a month but it is optional, you can simply sell through personal contacts, social media, parties etc if you want to, though most people more than cover the £10 montly cost just by having the PWS.


The More the Merrier

You can also increase your earnings by recruiting new consultants yourself and building a team. You will then earn a proportion of everything that they sell too! That said, you don’t have to – there are no targets on recruitment just like there are none on sales.


Scentsy Discounts

Of course, as well as earning money from sales, as a valued member of the Scentsy team you will also receive discounts, half price items, and even free stuff – after all, believe me when I say that your Scentsy addiction will only get worse the more involved you are!


What we ask of You

As I have said several times, being a Scentsy Consultant is not like working for most direct sales organisations. We believe that people thrive best when they love what they are doing, not when they’re pressured to meet targets or made to feel inadequate if they don’t. We do ask though that you place 3 qualifying orders in a year to keep your business active. This could even be products for yourself and you’ll find that it’s really easy to achieve.


What we’ll give You

Tons and tons of support for a start! There is a large community of Scentsy Consultants, all helping each other build their businesses. We’ll give you ideas, we’ll share resources, we’ll get excited together about new products and promotions, and we’ll show you how to get the most from Scentsy.

You will be joining a global business that already has a loyal customer base, massive brand recognition, and a constantly evolving product range. This means you can hit the ground running because all the really hard stuff about starting a business has been done for you.


What does it take!

A love of Scentsy is a must. How can you expect your customers to get excited about our amazing products if you aren’t? People buy from people and your customers will keep buying from you if you are friendly, warm, engaging and show your love for the products. Therefore, people skills will go a long way. You will find that social media will be a vital tool for you so being comfortable on Facebook, Instagram and others will really help you and if you already have lots of connections on these platforms that is a real bonus. If you prefer personal contact you can sell direct to your friends, family and colleagues at parties or events.

Remember, there is no pressure so you can learn and build these skills as you go along at your own pace. Just know that I, and the rest of the team, will help you every step of the way.

Results may not be typical. See the Income Disclosure statement provided by Scentsy.