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13th November 2020

Happy Pre-Christmas!

Everything you need for a smooth transition from pre-Christmas to full-on-Christmas!

Autumn winter

Before you think I’ve gone bonkers, hear me out! We all know that Christmas is just around the corner BUT it is still too early to put the tree up, get the decs out, and pop festive scents in our warmers – however much we want to!

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t start sliding our way into the holiday season. Consider this the pre-Christmas season: the transition from autumn to full throttle Christmas mode!

This is especially useful if you live with early-Christmas-averse people as you will be able to gently ease them in using the power of Scentsy. Pre-Christmas is all about introducing some of the staples of Christmas cheer in a subtle, easy to digest way. A hint of glitter here, a whisper of cinnamon there, a touch of fir around and about, and so on.

Here are some of my favourite Scentsy products to start us on our journey into the festive season:


The following fragrances have a hint of some of the popular scents of Christmas without being overtly festive. Remember, these fragrances are not just limited to wax bars, there are so many options including Fragrance Flowers, Body products, and pods for your fan diffusers.


If, like me, you like to rotate your Scentsy warmers according to season, occasion, and whim (and let’s face it, if you have a serious Scentsy addiction you can’t have them all out at once!), then this is a great time to have some of these warmers on display before you switch them up to festive models.

Whether you’re dying to get your Christmas cheer on or just need some easing in, all of these products are perfect for this time of year and, actually, will see you right through the festivities themselves when you need a break from the cloves and the cranberries!



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