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29th October 2019

Say Hello to Hamish the Highland Cow!

Meet our moo, I mean new, Scentsy Buddy…

Hamish the Highland Cow Scentsy Buddy is brand new and available to buy now. Isn’t he adorable! Hamish joins our Scentsy Buddy gang which includes Disney and Marvel favourites as well as super cute animals like Lenny the Lamb and Genna the Giraffe.

Hamish the Highland Cow Scentsy Buddy
Hamish the Highland Cow Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy Buddies are gorgeous cuddly friends created with a compartment for a Scent Pak. Children are incredibly stimulated by their senses so being able to have their favourite fragrance with them wherever they go, in a gorgeous cuddly companion like Hamish, can be a real source of comfort and familiarity.

Plus, how could you not adore a cutie like Hamish? You can even style his mop of beautiful Highland red hair! I actually think he’s one of my favourites.

Hamish comes with a Scent Pak of your choice and of course these can be replaced whenever your child fancies a change. Plus, this is a safe space, there is no shame in adults wanting a Hamish of their own (I am not afraid to say I will be making a home for Hamish myself!).

As with ALL gorgeous new Scentsy products, he will of course be very popular and sell incredibly fast, and I know how disappointed you all get when you miss out on fab new products, so my advice is to snap him up quickly. He’s £36.00 and that includes a Scent Pak of your choice.

Hamish makes a moo-vellous Christmas gift for a child (or an adult!) so buy cow, I mean BUY NOW! (Sorry, not sorry!)



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