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21st February 2019


Well yes she does & so can you !!

It doesn’t matter if you only want to earn enough to fill the car once a month with fuel, save to take the kids on holiday once a year or you have bigger goals like buying a house or a new car – it really is possible with Scentsy.

Obviously this totally depends on the amount of effort you put in consistently- but whatever you want to earn, working your Scentsy business can make it possible.

Now I’m not saying you can join and 2 months later you’ll be buying a new car but you will certainly be able to fill your tank!!

As with any business because that’s what you have with Scentsy, you need to work & build the foundations to allow it to grow and flourish, but the great thing about Scentsy is you don’t have to wait years to see the fruit of your labours.

From your very first sale you’ll be earning so obviously the more you sell the more you earn, we have no stock to eat into our earnings meaning what you earn goes into your pocket every month.

*Income Disclosure statement

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