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18th October 2021

Dare you enter the Haunted Mansion?

Or should that be, ‘scent-er’ the Haunted Mansion?

Disney's Haunted Mansion Warmer

Just in time for Halloween, the spooky Haunted Mansion, from the 2003 Disney film, has been transformed into a Scentsy warmer. Featuring the Hitchhiking Ghosts, Doom Buggies and Madame Leota glowing eerily in the warming dish, this is a perfect warmer for anyone who loves spooky things as well as fans of the iconic movie. To accompany the frightfully fun warmer, we have a new fragrance, Disney The Haunted Mansion: Three Thumbs Up: eerie allspice, haunting pumpkin, ghostly cinnamon and sparkling ginger.

The Haunted Mansion Warmer is priced at £79.00 and the Disney The Haunted Mansion: Three Thumbs Up Scentsy Bar is £8.00.

Available on 18th October

The Haunted Mansion Warmer will be available to buy from 7pm on Monday 18th October. Launching at the same time are the new The Batman Warmer, The Holiday Collection, and Looney Tunes’ Sylvester and Tweety Bird so it’s very exciting!


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