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08th October 2019

Dare we say…. the C word??

The Scentsy Christmas Collection is now out!

I know I know, we haven’t even had bonfire night yet and already people are talking about Christmas but please forgive me for being excited so early because THE SCENTSY CHRISTMAS RANGE IS HERE!!!

Nordic St Nick Warmer

When I tell you that the Advent calendars have already sold out I’m sure you will understand why I’m talking about Christmas already – I just don’t want you to miss out on our fabulous Christmas scents and warmers that I know are going to be really popular.

‘Seasonalise’ Your Fragrance

Of course a Scentsy fragrance is not just for Christmas, we have new fragrances that are just perfect for autumn so now that the weather is turning significantly cooler, what could ease us into the new season better than filling our homes with some cosy, warming autumn scents. The Harvest Delights Scentsy Bar 3 pack is just delicious with Huckleberry Apple Pie, Apple Cherry Cider and Cinnamon Roasted Pear; perfect for evenings curled up in your PJs with a hot chocolate.

If, on the other hand, you’re already excited about Christmas why not pop one of our Fireside Christmas waxes on? Brown Sugar Praline and Hazelnut Frosting will give you those ‘just baked’ scents without the work or the calories (!) and Evergreen & Grapefruit evokes fir trees and citrus freshness all at once.

Harvest Delights Wax Bars Fireside Christmas Wax Bars
Harvest Delights Wax 3 Bar Pack Fireside Christmas Wax 3 Bar Pack


One season that is definitely coming up fast on the horizon is Halloween. This spooky season seems to get more popular every year and our Sugar Skull Mini Warmer is just perfect for parties or as part of your Halloween decorations (but also iconic enough to have on display all year round) – pop it in the window to show you’re welcoming trick or treaters! As with all our mini-warmer, it’s available as a plug-in or table-top warmer.

Sugar Skull Mini Warmer

Christmas Warmers

One of my favourite parts of the Christmas season is getting all the decorations out again. Not just the tree (as much as I love that) but all the trinkets and ornaments we collect over the years and continue to add to. I love to treat myself to a new Christmas warmer each year and I already have my eye on a few from the new collection. The Nordic St Nick and the Gnome for the Holidays warmers offer a couple of different takes on Santa: Scandi-style or kitsch cuteness. If it’s a bit of sophistication you’re after then look no further than Christmas-card elegance of the Holy Night Mini Warmer or the heavenly Angelic Mini Warmer.

Nordic Nick Warmer Gnome for the Holidays
Nordic St Nick Warmer Gnome for the Holidays Warmer
Angelic Mini Warmer Holy Night Mini Warmer
Angelic Mini Warmer Holy Night Mini Warmer

We also have a couple of cheeky characters that the little ones will love with our Olaf Scentsy Buddy and Elliot Elf Buddy Clip that mean you can take their favourite fragrances out and about with you (a little home comfort wherever you go over this busy holiday period).

Olaf Buddy Elliot Elf Buddy Clip
Olaf Scentsy Buddy Elliot Elf Buddy Clip

There are lots more too, so I really recommend you have a good browse of the full Christmas collection.

Give a Scentsy Gift

Of course, Christmas isn’t just about you (!) and Scentsy makes a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone, whether it’s introducing family and friends to the fabulous world of Scentsy with their first warmer or treating them to new warmers for additional rooms or maybe some different fragrances for warmers they already have. I’ll be posting gift guides and ideas over the coming weeks.

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