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05th November 2020

Christmas Gift Guide

Can’t get to the shops? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Christmas gifts - wax bars

Due to the various lockdowns that are currently in place in the UK, many shops will be closed for much of the run up to Christmas. If you haven’t managed to get all your Christmas gifts yet (and who has at the beginning of November?!), then don’t panic – let Scentsy be your saviour!

We have some gorgeous gifts for all the special people in your lives and at times like these, when we’re all spending way more time at home than we ever have before, what could be nicer than gifts that create fabulously fragrant spaces?

Gifts for the Scentsy ‘newbs’

If you know people who do not have Scentsy in their lives, first of all – where have they been? This is your opportunity to set them on the right path and show them exactly what they’re missing! A warmer plus a couple of wax bars is a lovely starter gift for the uninitiated. Why not take a look at the bundle offers? A £24 mini warmer plus 3 wax bars bundle is just £42. You could even choose a bigger bundle such as this one for £153.50 that includes 2 £61 warmers plus 6 wax bars and split it to make 2 gifts.

It can be hard buying things for other people’s homes so something neutral and classic is always a winner and could potentially go in any room. These are my personal favourites:


Wax Bars

For those who already have warmers, wax bars are winners. Who doesn’t love new fragrances to try? Go for a 3 or 6 bar bundle to save money. Again, these can be split down to make multiple gifts. The following are all perfect winter scents to get through the dark and dreary months until spring:


We have some fabulous gifts for children. Scent is a very underrated sense for kids, but it can offer comfort, familiarity, and add a new dimension to their toys. All our Kids range of soft toys come infused with fragrance and the scent can be replaced in those that use Scent Paks, such as the Scentsy Buddies. As they are small and easily carried, they can be taken anywhere they go. Our brand new Bitty Buddies are only £12 and they’re coming on 16th November.

Or how about a warmer that also doubles as a nightlight? We have some gorgeous Scentsy warmers for children from nursery classics to Marvel and Disney licensed products.


Fan Diffuser Offer

If you love a bargain and fancy a different kind of fragrance system, how about taking advantage of our Wall Fan Diffuser offer? This bundle means that you’re getting the Scentsy Pods for free!

Wall Fan Diffuser



What would Christmas be like without some fancy toiletries for a real pamper. Our gorgeous Body range helps you to smell as lovely as your home. Buy products individually or bundle and save with a Moisture Medley multi-pack. Remember, you choose your own products – a hand cream, a body wash, a hand soap, and a Scentsy Soak, so you can mix and match from the whole range.

I personally love the Scentsy Soak – so relaxing (and don’t we all need to chill after this year!).

Scentsy Body

Stocking fillers

If warmers and bundles are out of your price range, or just need some extras for people then we have lots of lower priced items that are great for stocking fillers. Individual wax bars are great for people who already have warmers, or there are lots of other products that you can get for people who have never even heard of Scentsy before.



While this all seems like a lot, remember that this is just a fraction of what we have on the site, plus there are still exciting new products to come this month, so keep checking the site or join our Facebook community to be the first to hear.



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