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15th January 2021

Celebrating all love

Valentine's Day Collection 2021

After the last year where we have been separated from many of our loved ones, we are celebrating all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day at Scentsy. We know now, more than ever, that love for our family members and friends is just as strong as romantic love for our partners and so our Valentine’s Collection this year includes gifts that celebrate all kinds of love, including friendship and even self-love.

Introducing the Scentsy Valentine’s Collection 2021

We have so many lovely things in this year’s collection. Here is what you can expect:

Warmers and Wax Bars

We have three new warmers: the Love Connection Warmer and Mini Warmer, and Magenta Mini Warmer. You may remember the Love Connection Mini Warmer from last year. It’s back in 2021, thanks to popular demand, and we also have a brand new Love Connection standard size warmer. We also have another new warmer, the Glitter Magenta Mini Warmer – a blush take on our other popular glitter warmers. To accompany these gorgeous warmers we have two brand new fragrances in the Best Pals Scentsy Bar Twin Pack: Best Berry and Petal Pals. Best Berry features strawberry and raspberry over silky sweet spun sugar. Petal Pals offers playful notes of pink rose and peony with a whipped marshmallow treat. Each wax bar designs features one half of a heart so could be lovely to gift one to a partner, friend, mum, daughter, or anyone special in your life, while retaining the other.


All warmers and wax bars will be available from 7pm on Monday 18th January.

Wall Fan Diffuser and Scent Pods

As well as new wax warmers, we also have a brand new wall fan diffuser. The Spin Diffuser we all love in a gorgeous soft blush tone. To go with it we have the new Best Berry fragrance available in a Scentsy Pod.

The Blush Spin Wall Fan Diffuser and Best Berry Scentsy Pod will be available from 7pm on Monday 18th January.

Valentine’s Day Oil 3-Pack

For Scentsy Diffuser lovers we have a lovely Valentine’s Day Oil 3-Pack, featuring the following fragrances:

Luv Ya: Charming nashi pear and pink sugar crystals sparkle with an irresistible touch of lemon fizz.
I’m Yours: Intoxicating notes of grapefruit, apricot blossom and coconut milk will sweep you off your feet.
Hug Me: Wrap yourself in a romantic bouquet of jasmine petals and violet over salted tonka bean.

The Valentine’s Day Oil 3-Pack will be available from 7pm on Monday 18th January.

Valentine's Day Oil 3 Pack

Valentine’s Day Oil 3-Pack £22.00

New Body Products

Celebrating love has to include self-love and looking after your own well-being and these new Scentsy Body products will really help you take some well-deserved time out. Best Berry scented Scentsy Soak will help you to unwind while the Sugar Scrub will see you emerge with skin like a baby! Also a fabulous gift for a partner, or anyone who could use some relaxing me-time (who couldn’t at the moment?!).

Best Berry Scentsy Soak and Sugar Scrub will be available from 7pm on Monday 1st February.

Valentine's Day Body 2021

Scentsy Soak £14.50 and Sugar Scrub £14.50

Best Friends Buddy Clips

These super-cute Buddy Clips make a fabulous gift for a partner or a best friend. Each koala bear in this adorable duo carries half a ‘Best Friend’ heart, showing that people can be together, even when they are apart. Scented with Best Berry Fragrance.

The Best Friends Buddy Clips Duo will be available from 7pm on Monday 1st February.

Best Pals Buddy Clips

Best Pals Buddy Clips £30.00

Given that the Catching Zzzs Collection recently sold out in 8 minutes, you really do need to be quick if you want any of this year’s Valentine’s Day Collection. Be ready to shop on the website at 7pm on the relevant launch date (18/01/21 or 01/02/21).


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