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20th August 2021

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck come to Scentsy

Who doesn’t want a Buddy from Looney Tunes?!

Looney Tunes Scentsy Buddies

I told you the collaboration with Warner Bros would be amazing didn’t I?! Well, we’ve already had Harry Potter and now we have Looney Tunes! That’s right, we have the huge characters of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck coming as Scentsy Buddies – gorgeous scented soft toys.

Both Bugs and Daffy come with a Looney Tunes Scent Pak, exclusively created for them: a fruity-fun blend of apple juice, ripe red berries and sugared cherry.

Available on 23rd August

Both Bugs and Daffy will be available on Monday 23rd August at 7pm. They are priced at £48.00 each complete with a Scent Pak. Scent Paks are also available individually for £9.25 each and Looney Tunes Scentsy Bars are priced at £8.00.


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