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12th March 2021

Buddy News: Pua from Moana plus some faves return

Pua the Pig

If you love our super-cute Scentsy Buddies, we have some good news for you. Firstly, we have a brand new Buddy coming on the 22nd March – Moana’s pet pig, Pua – and we have some old favourites returning later in the year due to popular demand as they have been chosen as the winners in our Bring Back My Buddy vote.

Pua from Moana

Have you ever seen a cuter piggy than Pua? A Moana-fan favourite, Pua has been immortalised as a Scentsy Buddy, complete with a Moana: Spirit of Motanui Scent Pak (watery melon, pineapple and plumeria depict a lush island paradise rich with tradition).

This gorgeous fragrance is also available as a Scentsy Bar or can be bought separately as a Scent Pak. Pua is priced at £42.00, the Moana: Spirit of Motanui Scent Pak is £9.25, and the Scentsy Bar is £8.00.

They will all be available from 7pm on Monday 22nd March from the website.

Bring Back my Buddy Winners

We had over 80,000 votes in our latest Bring Back My Buddy, which allows you to return some old faces from the vaults. It was a tight contest, but the winners have been chosen:

Bring back my buddy

Hamish the Highland Cow

Oakley the Owl

Tex the T-rex

You do have a little while to wait though: these BBMB winners will be back in the autumn.

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