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15th June 2021

Beauty and the Beast warmers – coming soon!

Mrs Potts and Chip warmers launching on 24th June

Beauty and the Beast collection

Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s best loved movies and Mrs Potts and her adorable son Chip are among its most memorable characters. Of all the Disney characters, these two have been the most requested of any so we’re delighted to oblige. On 24th June, the brand new Mrs Potts and Chip warmers will be released, along with an exclusive new Scentsy Bar fragrance, The Last Petal.

Mrs Potts has been immortalised as a full size warmer, while charming Chip is a mini warmer that comes as a wall plug or with a tabletop base. The Last Petal fragrance has fresh, romantic notes of pink grapefruit, sparkling bergamot and flower petals.

As well as being able to buy them individually, you can purchase the Beauty and the Beast bundle with all 3 items for £121.00 (Chip with wall plug) or £133.00 (Chip with tabletop base).

The important bit!

The Beauty and the Beast Collection will be released on Thursday 24th June at 7pm. I know I always say get in quick because new releases always sell fast (which they usually do, to be fair!) I truly don’t think this one will last long – I mean look how amazing they are!! So be ready on the 24th or contact me to pre-order.

SHOP HERE (7PM 24/06/21)

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