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19th March 2021

Aloha! New Stitch warmer plus Lilo and Stitch faves back from the vault!

New Stitch warmer joins Angel and Stitch Buddy favourites

Lilo and Stitch Scentsy products


What Disney fan doesn’t love Lilo and Stitch?! We know a lot of you do because Stitch has been one of our most ever requested warmers so I’m so pleased to be bringing you news of him finally coming on Monday 22nd March! just take a look at how gorgeous he is as well, so adorable!

Stitch warmer


Joining this gorgeous new warmer will be a few Lilo and Stitch favourites, back from the vault, so if you missed them before, you have a second chance. Angel and Stitch Scentsy Buddies come complete with Angel: Experiment 624 and Stitch: Experiment 626 Scent Paks respectively plus these lovely fragrances are also available to buy as Scentsy Bars.

  • Stich Scentsy Warmer: £67.00
  • Stitch Scentsy Buddy with Stitch: Experiment 626 Scent Pak: £42.00
  • Angel Scentsy Buddy with Angel: Experiment 624 Scent Pak: £42.00
  • Stitch: Experiment 626 Scent Pak: £9.25
  • Angel: Experiment 624 Scent Pak: £9.25
  • Stitch: Experiment 626 Scentsy Bar: £8.00
  • Angel: Experiment 624: £8.00

All Lilo and Stitch products will be available to buy from 7pm on Monday 22nd March.


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