Mothers Day

Mother's Day Collection

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (14th March) so you don’t have long to get your gifts. Pamper her with our gorgeous Mother’s Day Spa Bundles (plus lots more!).



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Scent of the Month – Ginger Spice

Febuary’s Scent of the Month is Ginger Spice. Sultry pink amber sets the mood, while lemon zest and fresh ginger bring the spice. If you want, really really want it, it’s 10% off at just £6.52!


The Spring/Summer Catalogue is here!

Take a look at the fabulous new products in the new Spring/Summer catalogue 2021!



Looking for new direction?

Being a Scentsy consultant can give you anything from a nice little side hustle to a whole new career and business path. There has never been a better time to join us.



Authentic Scentsy Products

Warmers are what we’re best known for: gentle heat releases gorgeous fragrance from our scented waxes. As much a centrepiece as a fragrance system.

Whatever fragrances you love; whether fresh or fruity, floral or spice, woods or bakery; we have scented wax bars for everyone. Over 80 to choose from.

Our range is always evolving, that’s what makes Scentsy so exciting. Shop new products here!

Scentsy Collections are curated compilations of products that complement each other perfectly such as themed wax bar collections or Limited Edition bundles.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Scentsy Warmer

Thanks to the wonderful collaborations that we have with our friends at Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and many more, we bring you some of the most….

Our on-the-go fragrance products are designed to deliver your favourite scents on every adventure great and small.

Scentsy Fan Diffusers use a fan, rather than heat, to disperse their gorgeous aromas. Using Scentsy Pods rather than wax,

Diffusers are our luxury fragrance systems, where our unique, gorgeous diffusers release all-natural essential oils with no flames, soot or smoke.

Our super cute Buddies, Sidekicks and Friends give children a gorgeously scented playmate to take with them wherever they go.

Scentsy understands that we love our pets so we want to spoil them, but they can also be pretty stinky! Why not let your beloved pooch enhance…

It would surely be a crime if a company that knows so much about fragrance didn’t lend its expertise to creating gorgeously scented body products, wouldn’t it!

One good thing about the range constantly evolving (apart from all the new, fabulous products obviously!) is that there are bargains to be had.

Cleaning is a bit of necessary evil for many of us but what if you could clean and scent your home all in one go?

Infuse gorgeous scent into your laundry that lasts way beyond the wash

There’s only one thing better than buying a new Scentsy product and that’s buying three new Scentsy products, or even six,


Cosy Corner Fragrances

Scentsy is a global brand of home fragrances, fragrance systems and so much more. As a Scentsy Superstar Director, I am here to help you fill your home with amazing scent, beautiful warmers and other ways to bring fragrance into your life. I love to get to know my customers so that I can help them find the products they will adore. Let me help you navigate the Scentsy range and make your home (your car, your laundry, your kitchen, your body..) smell divine!


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    What is Scentsy Club?

    Get your Scentsy goodies on subscription plus ensure your favourites never go into the vault!

    Scentsy Club

    09th February 2021

    Subscribe and Win!

    Subscribe to my Scentsy email newsletter and you could win a £50 mystery bundle!


    26th January 2021

    Spring/Summer Preview

    The new Scentsy Spring/Summer catalogue is being launched on 1st February 2021. Here's a sneak preview of what's coming!

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    Looking for new direction?

    2021 represents a ‘perfect storm’ for becoming a Scentsy consultant. Read why here.


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    Banish Blue Monday

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